Why Did I Create Business Data Systems

By Allen Cross

How Business Data Systems came about

Thirty five years ago, I worked for several service firms in the Roanoke Valley. These firms were very aggressive with selling technology. They introduced a number of clients to new computerized ways of doing business. However, these firms shared a common tread: they did not care about the clients they served, they only cared about making a buck and how many clients they had and how much equipment they could sell.

With this experience, I got incredible insight into my passions:

  1. I love helping people implement new technology to improve their businesses
  2. I want to conduct business in a way that focuses on clients reaching their goals
  3. I rejoice in providing extraordinary customer service.

So I left and formed my own firm, Business Data Systems. I looked to serve clients whose business needs would let me follow my passions. Clients whose success I could care about.

Just as I wanted the firm to care about our clients, I also searched for employees who would share my vision of client service that is out of the ordinary. Many times this resulted in great employees. Occasionally I would hire a person who grew away from our vision and, if unwilling to change, would mean we could no longer work together. My goal continues to be to work with employees who share my goals of how clients are to be treated.

Who are our ideal clients?

An ideal client for Business Data Systems

  • technology is a critical part of their business
  • values that their IT support firm actually cares about the client’s business

What this extra dimension of caring means to you

How this attitude of caring translates into client experiences can best be seen through examples.

Getting up in the middle of the night at 3 AM to repair a client’s server so that they will not lose the next day of work from the server being down.

Client: “I cannot believe you did that.”

When a major server outage occurred with multiple failed disks, two Business Data System employees working around the clock over 24 hours continuously until the client was working.

Client: “You saved two of my design projects that had to be done this week.”

On a late evening, responding to a client where our monitoring software reported that servers were not available. Arriving at 8 PM to discover that the electric main was on fire and calling the fire department to save the building. We were able to get the fire department there before the internal fire alarm equipment had even raised an alert.

Client: “What would we have done if the building had burned down?”

When the client’s backup system broke and hard times resulted in no money to replace the system, loaning them a backup system for several months so they could avoid the risk of losing all their data.

Client: “Thank you for helping past that rough spot.”

Changing generations of computing Repeatedly re-engineering the business

Over the 30+ years of being in business, I have had the fun and thrill to change with each new wave of technology. As new technology arrives, I re-engineered Business Data Systems to provide clients the best approaches currently available.

Our clients have been through the five stages of computing with us:

  1. Mini-computers
  2. Standalone PCs
  3. Computers in dedicated networks.
  4. Outsourced IT Department for networks with servers.
  5. Outsourced Technology Department.

Today we are providing technology using solutions specific to each business:

  • Cloud based for “Use anywhere” features
  • On premise when volume and speed of data require local equipment
  • VoIP phone systems when workers are everywhere
  • On premise phone systems when clear voice quality is first priority
  • Print management systems
  • Tablet and cell phone integration with systems.

It is certain that technology will continue to change. My passion is to change Business Data Systems with each new innovation. Our goal is to provide clients with the best available technology so that the clients can in turn provide their clients the most relevant and effective products and services.